Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Feb 14 my @ss!

One of the worst days in the calendar ever… Feb 14 is loved by some, loathed by others. For me, it’s a perpetual tale of loneliness which becomes all too real on this horrible day. This time, however I made a point to not let it bother me. I wished whoever wished me (2 people) and spent the time trying to study, and work on my laptop that just made it back after a painstaking month of repair work back in Doha (to fix the DVD writer). Although I have a University Exam tomorrow, I was more preoccupied with tweaking the Graphics Processor to achieve more frame rates and visual quality in my Direct3D enabled games using the brand new Mobility Catalyst drivers from ATi. Any doubts now to why I’m alone?

I am probably a living manifestation of the Comic Book Guy in ‘The Simpsons’… heck,even he got lucky once with Principal Skinner’s Mom… There I go again, quoting TV Shows, just like the Comic Book Guy! Bottom Line: Valentines Day Sucks! (For me atleast...)

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