Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The countdown clock keeps ticking away...

Life's been a perpetual countdown clock for me. The moment I get the Arrival Immigration stamp on my passport - this clock is reset. When landing in Qatar, the clock resets to the duration of my stay there, and when I land back in India, the clock resets for a much longer duration.

So the moment my entry immigration is stamped on my passport in Doha day after tomorrow, I have a clock that resets to 24 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes. And believe me when I say that this will seem more like a week.

The true proof of the concept of relativity is apparent from my bi-annual visits to Doha. Time DOES bend. The weeks and days and hours before my departure to 'home' goes crawling by but the time spent once I'm there, or at least the perception of it, goes by in a flash.

This has been happening for the past 9 visits, and I expect it to be no different this time.

That's where it gets scary now. Is my life all about being a perpetual countdown clock? Forget the non-resetting countdown clock of life in general, but this clock that resets every time I'm home and back? The thought of this actually makes me go insane.

But the sheer wait for that moment when I step through the Arrivals gate in Doha, to be greeted and hugged by my family, a long conversation in the car about the journey, life etc and finally the moment I step into my room and in my dear bed that I love so much, makes it totally worth it!

Well, I surely hope that this outburst is just the homesick lunatic in me ranting along!


devilish said...

eda vere pani ille, ivide anengil orakkam, avide anengil orakkam. ni oru olakka ayi poyallo

jenson said...

Hi Suhail, I experience the exact same feelings u mentioned,

the arrival at the Doha airport, the resetting of the clock , and how time flies so fast when u don't want it to, ur post is so reminiscent of my experiences whenever I travel to Doha