Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hot, Lazy, Boring Summer!

California was a blast, I'm not going to write a lot about it since I might get a bit depressed reading it afterward (yes, I occasionally peruse through my own writings in an effort to better understand myself, DUHH!)

As I gradually return to normalcy and my sleep cycles have made a full shift back to UTC +3 (AST), I that this is going to be one long, hot and boring summer. Sure, I have a few friends to keep me company, but it's still pretty boring here. The campus is practically empty and deserted, and I'm all alone here, fending for myself and keeping the research work alive by myself. And the frikkin' HEAT! I've not been in Qatar for July/August for well over 7 years now and I pretty much forgot how punishing the weather can be. To rub salt on these wounds, California was pretty much the best weather I had ever experienced in my life, with bright sunshine and highs of 20 C. Both my brothers have left for India which basically leaves me and my parents at home.

But I think I complain too much. I'm really looking forward to August 14th, as I will be at my first (actually my family's first) official graduation (convocation) ceremony back at IIIT. Also, Ramadan with family after 7 years (see post below about Ramadan Woes at IIIT). So I guess it's not all that bad :)

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