Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Nostalgia's a bitch.

Here I was, for 7 years thinking that all would be well the moment I finish up in India and come back to good 'ol Qatar. Now here I am, and I'm still craving...something. Can't really put a finger on it. Turns out that I'm really missing what life was like. Innocence, school, friends, yacking over the phone all day, face lighting up when I got money (even 25 bucks would do), no care in the world, LIFE. Now I'm back, I have a great job, can pretty much buy (and did buy) all the things I wanted as a Kid : a nice mobile, cool PC, gaming console, sports coupe, etc. etc. etc.

Turns out you can't really buy back your childhood and teen years. There was a time when the latest game and graphics card would make me drool, but now it's like Meh.

Everyone's busy. No one has the time to talk anymore, not even over the phone. I remember a time when 3-4 hours on the phone a day was pretty standard, and I had even gone up to about 7 hours non-stop. Today, my mom (who is works with Qtel btw) scolds me for not being able to finish 400 minutes on my mobile phone plan a month!

"Go get a girlfriend, talk on the phone, finish your phone minutes, you're wasting money on your plan otherwise", my MOM told me. Oh Snap! That's probably the worst burn a guy can get. From his MOM.

I sighed, went ahead and changed my plan to Shahry 60 (100 minutes free a month). Hope at least now I won't waste any more money.

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deep7even said...

i feel you, bro..